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Procreate Optimizes for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Pro

Procreate, the maker of the popular digital painting and drawing app, has announced new updates for its Procreate and Procreate Dreams apps. These updates are designed to make the apps more compatible with the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Pro that were recently released.

A Longstanding Relationship

Procreate has had a close relationship with the iPad since the very beginning. The app’s founders, Alana and James Cuda, released Procreate on the same day that the first iPad was announced. And with the introduction of the Apple Pencil, the app gained even more powerful tools for precise digital painting and drawing.

New Features for a New Era

The new Apple devices offer a more responsive and sensitive experience for artists around the world. The new features of the Apple Pencil Pro, including squeeze, roll and haptic feedback, will work together with the existing Apple Pencil features to transform the way artists interact with the canvas in Procreate and the stage in Procreate Dreams.

Nikolai Lockertsen, a longtime Procreate collaborator, artist and animator, demoed the new features that are made possible by the Apple Pencil Pro and M4 iPad Pro. Lockertsen, who has been a Procreate artist for over a decade, began his artistic journey painting with his fingers on an iPad. He said of the Apple Pencil Pro, “It feels like the missing piece of the puzzle. Especially when using the roll feature with brushes, it feels like I can sculpt and shape the canvas like I would with a palette knife or a wide brush. It connects the artist to their work more than ever before. Now that you can paint and roll with your Apple Pencil at the same time, all the nuances of your movement are captured in your painting and come to life on the screen.”

Roll in Procreate

With these new features, painting in Procreate will become an even more immersive experience. Artists can use the roll feature to customize their brushes so that settings like size, color, and other parameters change automatically as they roll the pencil. This can create stunning visual effects. Squeeze can also be used to quickly activate shortcuts and select layers in an artwork without having to touch the screen. And haptic feedback adds a new physical dimension to Procreate, giving artists confidence when making precise adjustments like fine-tuning the placement of an element.

Procreate Dreams will also be taken to a whole new level with the roll technology of the Apple Pencil Pro. When using Perform, an intuitive feature in Procreate Dreams that lets anyone create animations, artists will be able to simultaneously move and rotate objects, allowing them to stay in the moment as they create their animations.

Overall, the new updates to Procreate and Procreate Dreams are designed to take full advantage of the power and precision of the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Pro. With these new features, artists will be able to create even more amazing and creative works of art.

Here are some additional details about the new features:

  • Roll: This feature can be used to control a variety of brush settings, including size, color, opacity, angle, and grain. Artists can create custom brushes that respond to the roll of the Apple Pencil Pro in unique ways.
  • Squeeze: This feature can be used to activate shortcuts, select layers, and perform other actions. Artists can customize the actions that are triggered by squeezing the Apple Pencil Pro.
  • Haptic feedback: This feature provides tactile feedback when artists are making adjustments, such as moving or resizing objects. This can help artists to be more precise in their work.

The exact release date for the updates has not yet been announced, but they are expected to be available in the coming weeks.