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Meta 3Dgen

Dream it, Design it: Unleash Your Creativity with Meta 3D Gen!

Meta is shaking up 3D content creation with Meta 3D Gen (3DGen). This innovative tool lets anyone generate high-quality 3D assets from simple text descriptions in under a minute. Forget spending hours with complex software – 3DGen makes creating 3D models as easy as writing a sentence.

High-Quality, Fast Results

3DGen excels in two key areas: capturing your vision and delivering stunning results. The generated models closely match your textual descriptions, ensuring what you imagine becomes reality. Plus, the models boast impressive detail in both shape and texture. This makes 3DGen perfect for:

  • Game development: Quickly create game assets and iterate on designs.
  • Architecture & design: Generate 3D models of furniture, buildings, and more for presentations and visualizations.
  • 3D printing: Export your models directly for 3D printing, bringing your text descriptions to life.

The Power Behind 3DGen

3D Gen leverages two powerful models from Meta: Meta 3D AssetGen and Meta 3D TextureGen. AssetGen transforms your text into 3D shapes, while TextureGen creates high-quality textures to bring those shapes to life. By working together, they allow 3DGen to represent 3D objects in a comprehensive way, considering shape, volume, and texture. This teamwork is key to the exceptional quality of the generated models.

Superior to the Rest

Compared to existing tools, 3D Gen shines. It delivers superior accuracy and visual quality, especially for complex descriptions. And remarkably, it achieves this while being significantly faster.

Meta’s 3D Gen is a game-changer for 3D content creation. By generating high-quality 3D assets from text descriptions in minutes, it opens doors for more people to participate in 3D design. This innovation has the potential to streamline workflows, democratize 3D content creation, and usher in a new era of creating in 3D.