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Engineer Assaulted and Left Injured by Tesla Robot

In a surreal and unsettling occurrence reminiscent of a science fiction plot come to life, a Tesla engineer found himself confronting the anxieties associated with an increasingly automated labor force.

According to reports, this individual suffered injuries allegedly caused by a robot at the Texas Gigafactory in 2021. This incident serves as a reminder of the potential risks surrounding the integration of advanced robotics in industrial settings.

Although the incident occurred a few years ago, it has recently come to public attention due to firsthand testimonies shared with The Information and the emergence of an injury report that was recently reviewed by the Daily Mail.

The Shocking Tale of the Rogue Robot Attack

During this incident, the engineer (whose identity has not been revealed) was engaged in regular tasks involving the factory’s robotic systems. Unaware of the situation, the engineer was under the impression that two of the robots had been powered off, while a third robot was still operational.

Without warning, the rogue robot trapped the engineer against a surface, causing the mechanical claws to inflict injuries that resulted in a “trail of blood” originating from the engineer’s back and arm. The unexpected action of the robot caused significant harm and left a disturbing visual evidence of the incident.

The distressing situation finally came to an end when a vigilant colleague acted swiftly and pressed the emergency stop button, effectively ceasing the robot’s movements. However, despite the prompt intervention, the engineer suffered significant injuries, including an open wound on their left hand.

Consequently, the employee was not granted any time off as the severity of the gash did not meet the criteria necessary for taking a sick day. In an update, CEO Elon Musk has responded to the reports, expressing his disappointment and criticizing the way the incident has been portrayed.

Tesla Robot

Elon Musk Counters Claims 

Musk utilized social media to address the situation, describing it as “truly shameful” that the media would resurface an injury that occurred two years ago, involving a standard industrial Kuka robot arm commonly found in factories, and insinuate any connection to Tesla’s Optimus robot.

Musk stressed the distinction between the incident and Tesla’s advanced Optimus robots, emphasizing that it involved a standard industrial robot arm. He aimed to clarify that the incident should not be seen as reflective of the capabilities associated with the Optimus robots currently being developed by Tesla.

As we witness the dawn of a new era in the workplace, incidents like this serve as a stark reminder of the crucial importance of a balanced approach. We must carefully consider the advantages of automation while prioritizing the safety and ethical concerns of those who work alongside these powerful machines.

This incident serves as a poignant reminder that while these robots offer the potential to enhance efficiency and handle tasks that may be dangerous or monotonous for humans, their integration into the workforce should never overlook the fundamental well-being of human colleagues.