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DALL-E Gets Editing Tools and Style Inspiration in ChatGPT

OpenAI’s DALL-E image generator just got a usability boost with two new features:

  • Image Editing within ChatGPT: You can now edit your AI-generated images directly in ChatGPT, both on web and mobile. This means you can use natural language to describe changes you want to specific parts of the image.
  • Style Suggestions: DALL-E now offers preset style suggestions to inspire your creations. Similar to Android’s AI-generated wallpaper prompts, these suggestions include styles like woodcut, gothic, synthwave, and hand-drawn.

These updates seem aimed at making DALL-E more user-friendly, especially for beginners. The ChatGPT integration removes the need for perfectly crafted prompts – just tell ChatGPT what you want, and it translates that into an image description for DALL-E.

Style suggestions address a different beginner’s hurdle: figuring out where to start. These prompts offer inspiration with examples, but still leave room for your own creative input.

OpenAI is also working on transparency in AI-generated images. DALL-E 3 recently added watermarks and metadata, but these can be removed. While the issue extends beyond OpenAI, it’s an important step towards responsible AI image creation.