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TikTok’s Whee App: A Blatant Copy of Instagram’s Threads Logo?

New Challenger Emerges

Another week brings another contender to the ever-crowded social media scene. This time, TikTok has quietly launched “Whee,” a new app aiming to take on the king of photo sharing, Instagram. However, early users are raising eyebrows at the app’s logo, which looks suspiciously similar to another Instagram offering.

Unoriginal Inspiration or Strategic Move?

The social media landscape is in constant flux. Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter left many users searching for alternatives, and frustration with Instagram is on the rise. But the question remains: how many social media platforms do we really need?

Just last year, Instagram launched Threads as a competitor to Twitter. Meanwhile, Cara gained popularity as an artist-friendly alternative in response to Meta’s controversial AI policy. Now, TikTok enters the arena with not just one, but two Instagram rivals – Whee for sharing photos with close friends, and the previously launched TikTok Notes for a broader audience.

The irony is clear. Instagram copied TikTok with Reels, and now TikTok seems to be returning the favor, even launching two similar apps. Whee’s description on the Play Store positions it as a safe space for genuine self-expression within smaller friend groups, a stark contrast to the pressure to perform on larger platforms.

But here’s where things get confusing: the Whee logo. Its curved lines and rainbow colors bear an uncanny resemblance to both the Threads icon and Instagram’s overall aesthetic. While the black background aligns with TikTok’s branding, and the design could be seen as a “W” for Whee, it’s hard to believe this wasn’t a deliberate attempt to mirror Threads, perhaps even a playful dig at Instagram’s text-heavy add-on.

Limited Availability and Familiar Features

Currently, Whee appears to be limited to Android users in select regions. Neither TikTok nor its parent company, ByteDance, has officially announced the app, and inquiries have gone unanswered. Early reports suggest it’s available in Australia, Turkey, Thailand, and Pakistan, with a potential reach of up to 12 countries.

In terms of features, Whee offers a familiar experience: a feed, direct messaging, and a post creation button. Users can share pictures, like and comment on friends’ posts, but captions seem to be missing for now.

Testing the Waters Before a Global Splash?

TikTok’s foray into the Instagram rival space is intriguing, especially considering the recent launch of TikTok Notes. ByteDance might be capitalizing on user dissatisfaction with Instagram and testing multiple apps to see how audiences react before committing to a global launch.

This trend of established platforms launching competing services suggests a social media landscape dominated by just a few major forces. It’s anyone’s guess if TikTok will soon join the fray with a text platform similar to Twitter, while another tech giant throws its hat into the ring with a video-sharing app catering to a more controversial audience.