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Threads introduces live scoring for sports games

Threads, a social app similar to Twitter under Instagram’s umbrella, is rolling out live sports scores. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Threads is currently testing this feature with NBA games, with intentions to expand to other leagues in the future.

Threads vs X: Real-Time Scoring Updates

This move puts Threads in direct competition with X, a platform recognized for its real-time scoring updates. The objective is to foster user engagement by facilitating discussions on games and latest developments. Users can interact by clicking on team logos to access relevant conversations and connect with like-minded fans.

This service is introducing a new feature to enhance user engagement in discussions surrounding their favorite teams. Among the various topics on the platform, basketball stands out as a prominent subject, particularly with NBA Threads emerging as a vibrant and active sports community.

Sports Updates from Start to Finish

With this new feature, users can access information about their favorite teams conveniently. Prior to a game, they can search for the start time within a day. During the game, real-time updates on the current score are available. Post-game, users can retrieve the final score, creating a seamless experience for sports enthusiasts on the platform.

Through the addition of live scores, Threads is positioning itself to rival X in the competitive landscape. In a recent development, It has rolled out the “trending now” feature nationwide. This move brings Threads closer to X by providing users with access to current and relevant discussions in real time.