packaging types
packaging types

Packaging Types; Everything You Want To Know

To store, transport, market and sell products in different industries, Types of Packaging are considered. Design and common materials used in Types of Packaging will help you to view the best option for packaging your products.

To choose suitable options and save on packaging costs, it is better to familiarize yourself with the various types of Packaging to select an appropriate packaging for your products. Every single product including food, cosmetics, health, electronics and other such items.

Also, some types of Packaging are environmentally friendly. By having information about this, you can properly carry out your organization’s social responsibility towards the environment.

Join us in this text to introduce Types of Packaging to you and share comprehensive information about the advantages, disadvantages, costs and other practical issues related to Packaging.

Types of Packaging

There are many options for packaging various products. All types of Packaging are subsets of the four main packaging groups.

Primary, secondary, tertiary and ancillary packages are the main product categories, including various subcategories. Stay with us to introduce Types of Packaging subcategories.

Types of Packaging
Types of Packaging


The size and manner of using Chipboard depend on your products, and you can use Chipboard in various sizes according to your product.

In general, Chipboard is made from recycled paper and kraft; after being combined, they are spread on the screen. Chipboard ends can be fixed, rotated, rolled or in different shapes and sizes depending on your needs.


Corrugated is a multi-layer material consisting of three layers of kraft cardboard; Kraft cardboard is brown and thick cardboard that gives Corrugated strength.

Corrugated outer layers form the solid and broad parts of the box, and in contrast to the middle layer, there is a reinforced paper that creates air cavities.

There are different types of Corrugated in the market with varying ratings of strength and thickness.

Corrugated cardboard is one of the most widely used types of packaging in various industries, which is very popular due to its good strength and resistance.

This type of packaging is used in retail, food products and ready-to-eat pizza boxes. Corrugated cardboard can be used in moving house boxes, packaging food products and posting large electrical items such as laptops.

Setup boxes

Setup boxes are among the types of Packaging, which is one of the practical and appropriate options for packaging certain products in terms of aesthetics.

Typically, Setup boxes are made of Chipboard, and to increase their strength and thickness; liners are used to cover the seams. Setup boxes are an excellent packaging solution for marketing and selling unique products.


One of the most widely used types of product packaging is Litho-Laminated, which has a variety of colors and models, and at the same time, they can carry bulky goods.

Litho-Laminated uses a corrugated board as a carrier, allowing the box to slide or open so the product can be seen in the correct position.

Also, the top liner is produced from coated paper fed from a separate pre-printed reel.

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Flexible packaging

Flexible Packaging is a type of Packaging widely used in the food, beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical industries.

The Flexible Packaging method uses flexible materials such as plastic, foil and paper to create bags and other flexible containers.

Flexibility, affordable price, high performance and availability of Flexible Packaging have made it very popular in various industries.

Rigid boxes

We introduce to you a type of firm and resistant Packaging used in the Packaging of phones, watches, jewelry and unique clothes.

Rigid boxes are hard and resistant Packaging that you have probably encountered in iPhone phones or Apple products. Rigid boxes are an excellent offer for susceptible goods in storage and transportation.


Paperboard is used for packaging food and beverage products such as juice, milk and cereals. Paperboard is designed and produced in different types, and various samples are used according to the needs of industries and the required hygiene sensitivity.

In some types of Paperboards, Solid bleached sulfate is used. By knowing the types of Packaging, you can choose the best option for your products.

Cotton in packaging

Cotton is one of the most widely used natural fibers in various industries. Cotton is used in multiple industries, such as clothing, furniture, product packaging, etc.

Some organizations and brands that are sensitive to environmental issues use Cotton for packaging their products. Cotton is one of the world’s most popular types of packaging due to its many advantages in recycling and protecting the environment.

Cotton packaging has an excellent feel, and if Cotton is produced correctly, it is reusable and sustainable.

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Plastics in packaging

Plastics is one of the types of product packaging that specifically uses only plastic in this type of packaging. Plastics are used for packaging, collecting, storing, moving, delivering, and presenting goods in various industries.

This packaging includes raw materials, processed materials and food products in general. Plastics have replaced wood, glass and ceramics in packaging, but there are still objections to using plastics because they seem to harm the environment.

Laminated Pouches

Laminated pouches are one of the most widely used types of packaging for pictures, multi-purpose documents, identification cards, and documents that are sensitive to storage.

Laminated Pouches are available in various colors and designs and will be a good option for retail products. Also, the process of sealing Laminated Pouches is speedy and satisfactory.

Laminated Pouches are available in different models, such as stand-up pouches, zip pouches or mail pouches.

Tin Can

Tin cans are among the most common types of packaging that replace glass containers. Tin cans are still used in many industries, but their use is limited for some food items and is considered only for storing soft drinks or canned food.

Dry food such as chocolate, biscuits, tea and coffee are also stored in tin cans because they do not pose a health risk or mix with the raw materials of tin cans.

Tin cans are easily recycled and cause less environmental damage than plastic packaging. To choose suitable packaging for your products, it is necessary to know the types of packaging appropriately.

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is one of the types of cellulose paper that is mainly used for cooking. Parchment paper means there is no need to grease the pan or pot, and food does not stick to it. Parchment paper has a high density and high resistance to heat, so food does not stick to it. Parchment paper is also known as baking paper and is used in some food packaging.

Parchment Paper
Parchment Paper

Wet-Strength Paper

Wet-Strength Paper is used to making grass and leaf bags for yard waste disposal. Wet-Strength Paper is among the products that are resistant to moisture or getting wet after Wet-Strength Paper is used in packaging some products that should not be wet or wet.

Due to the resistance of this type of packaging against moisture and wetness, the possibility of tearing in them is very low. Wet-Strength Paper can also be printed and customized and is an ideal option for branding.

Laminated Tubes / Lamitubes

Lamitubes or laminated tubes are used in packaging some food, cosmetics and hygiene products. Lamitubes or laminated tubes have multi-layer packaging to resist heat and water penetration to ensure the health of your products in the long term.

Also, Lamitubes or laminated tubes are resistant to oil, grease and gas leakage, and minor damage will be done to the packaged products. This type of packaging is used in toothpaste, ointments and adhesives.

Mono cartons

Mono cartons are types of packaging readily available to customers in various models. Mono cartons are used in pharmaceutical, FMCG, electronic industries and other growing sectors.

Monocartons design and production devices, with full supervision, focus on this sector to provide the highest quality packaging to customers.

You can change the shape and design of Monocartons according to your needs and requests, and with these actions, you can market the products.

Retort pouches

Retort Pouches are considered in packaging products of various industries. Retort Pouches are used in packaging a wide range of food and beverages that require long-term storage.

Retort Pouches have many advantages, such as being lightweight and high flexibility, optimization of shelf space and focusing on the attractiveness of products.

Retort Pouches are highly resistant to heat, water penetration and pressure, so they are one of the practical options for packaging in various industries.

Paper-Foil Laminate

Paper-foil laminate is one the types of resistant, durable and low-cost packaging. Paper-foil laminate is used for recyclable food packaging, chocolate packaging and other food products.

Paper-foil laminates are resistant to moisture and water penetration due to their aluminum material. Paper-foil laminates are combined with plastic layers to improve their barrier properties.

Composite cans

Composite Cans are used in packaging food, cosmetics, toys, wine bottles, and alcoholic beverages. There are several reasons to use Composite Cans instead of other packaging methods.

Among the advantages that Composite Cans have over different types of packaging include maintaining food safety, ease of brand promotion, ease of transportation, unique display model, compatibility with the environment, variety of applications and modern style.

Shrink wrap

Shrink wrap is one of the most widely used types of packaging that adheres to the products placed on them by applying heat.

Bottles, several packages of chips or other food items are placed next to each other using shrink wrap and stick together. Sticking bottles and food packages to each other will make these products collect and prevent them from falling.

It is also interesting to know that small vehicles such as cars, boats, or helicopters use shrink wrap during transportation.

Shrink Wrap
Shrink Wrap

Cling film

Cling Film is considered for packaging food and perishables. Cling Film keeps food together for a long time. Cling Film protects food from heat and moisture, and that is why Cling Film is used in bakery and bread packaging.

It is interesting to know that the uses of Cling Film in various industries are very high, and this type of packaging is also used in medicine.

Jute bags

Jute is a material that is used to produce packaging fabrics. Jute bags are one of the most widely used packages woven in the fabric. Usually, Jute Bags have a solid and robust structure because the primary threads used in this type of packaging are woven together.

Jute Bags are used in various industries and can be suitable for advertising and marketing your products. Jute Bags are used in the retail sector, jewelry packaging and even the design and production of bags.

paper bags

Paper bags are recyclable and environmentally friendly, with many advantages over plastic bags. Paper bags are used in retail industries and food stores.

Paper bags can be designed and produced in different designs and sizes, so they are a suitable option for your branding and advertising.

Multi-wall paper bags can be used in industries that have heavy products. Paper bags are designed and produced at very affordable costs and are a good option for packaging your products.

paper bags
paper bags

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is used in various industries to protect sensitive and fragile products. Bubble Wrap is used to store, maintain, transport and sell some products, wrapped around the consequences like a soft cushion and prevents them from breaking.

Bubble Wrap is a plastic sheet in which air bubbles protect fragile products during transportation. Bubble Wrap is one of the most widely used types of packaging that is considered in various industries.

types of packaging
types of packaging


As you have noticed, knowing and checking the types of packaging is very important in choosing a suitable option for your business. By understanding the packaging types and their advantages, disadvantages and costs, you can consider the best packaging for your products.

A suitable choice for packaging will help your business to guarantee the health of the products, carry out advertising and branding, and multiply customer satisfaction.

In this article, we have provided you with everything you need to know about the types of packaging; It is only necessary to choose the correct option according to your products.

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