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Packaging color based on industry
Packaging color based on industry

Packaging Color; Add Emotion to Product

If you deal with different types of packaging for your products, you know that it is essential to consider the packaging color that suits your product, brand and customers.

In fact, by considering the right choice, you can attract target customers. Still, you must go through this step well to avoid big problems in marketing and attracting audiences.

Choosing the right packaging color can indicate adventure, efficiency, simplicity or things that engage the audience’s mind on your products. Choosing the right color, design and printing for product packaging can change the number of sales and marketing of your organization.

Stay with us so we can share with you some information about the importance of packaging color.

Packaging color importance

Regarding product, packaging color is one of the most important issues that attract buyers. It is one of the features that attract the audience’s attention even from the farthest distance, so paying attention to this feature in products can cause marketing, branding, income generation and introduction of your products in that industry.

Understanding the psychology is very important because choosing the wrong one can send a negative message to your audience. It also can make products stand out on a store shelf.

Research shows that packaging color is the first thing audiences pay attention to when buying products. Given that colors have psychological implications, marketers have historically focused on specific colors and considered them for products.

Organizations in different industries, according to the type of products and the level of their audience, use the best color to attract customers’ attention.

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Why is packaging color important
Packaging color importance

Selecting your product packaging color

As we mentioned above, packaging color is considered according to the type of your products. First of all, you need to know what the message of your product to the audience includes.

Then, according to the desired statement, you can consider the suitable one for your products. Remember that if your products promote relaxation and comfort, you can use something other than intense colors like red and orange in their packaging.

Also, if your products are presented for entertainment and recreation, there may be better options than cold colors.

When choosing a color for your product packaging, consider a few principles:

  • Keep in mind your target market
  • Keep it simple
  • Try to use contrast
  • Test different color options

Target market

At this stage, it is necessary to determine the target market of your products. For example, men and women have different tastes in choosing colors, so if your products are only for a specific gender, be careful in selecting the product’s color.

Try to use a limited number of colors of your products. People like simplicity. In fact, by choosing many colors in the packaging, you will need clarification on your audience. So, try to use 2 to 3 colors in the packaging.

Market research

Try to use contrast in packaging color. At first, it may seem that the difference in colors creates contrast, but two different colors may need to make the proper contrast on the packaging.

Test different colors to choose. You must produce many samples, put them on the shelves and in stores and do market research. Check your customers’ reactions to find out the best choice for your products.

Essential elements in packaging color

There is no general formula for choosing the best packaging color for products. But a series of options can help you in this way to consider the best choice. Before any action, determine the type of your products and consider the purpose of producing and supplying products.

If you don’t know why you want to market your products, you definitely can’t choose the right one. We can summarize the most critical elements in the following options:

Customer and target market

Color and visual designs can convey your message to the audience. You must be able to answer the question of who your customers are and what category they fall into.

In fact, for what purpose are your products going to enter the market and which needs of the audience are they going to meet? Answering these questions will help you more successfully choose the packaging color.


What is your brand and which of your brand’s features should the audience remember when they see this product? At this stage, you need to examine the brand and purpose of your organization.

The offered products are part of your organizational culture, so using some aspects of the packaging is necessary. Consider your brand’s goals and use appropriate colors, elements, logos and visual identities for packaging.

Competition in the market

Before choosing, it is necessary to analyze your competitors in the market. What packaging color do your competitors use for their products, and why did they choose that for their product?

It is necessary to be able to analyze the competitors and the market of your products and consider a specific but ideal option for the color of your product packaging. Without knowing your competitors, your choice will not be complete and comprehensive.

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What are the essential elements in packaging color
Essential elements in packaging color

producing product

At this stage, it is necessary to consider all the stages of product production. Product production details can help you choose the packaging color. You may need to hold multiple meetings with different product development teams and product managers so they can give you good leads.

Purpose and personality of the product

At this stage, you should be able to put the character and purpose of producing your products on paper. If the nature of your product is precise, you can easily choose the right color for the packaging.

The purpose of product design and production also helps you to convey the right message to the audience by selecting the right packaging color.

Cultural preferences

You must consider the right packaging color by assuming your target market’s culture and cultural preferences. For example, your products may be offered in two different countries and with two different types of cultures; In this situation, it is better to consider a different packaging color for your products according to the destination country’s culture or at least change some elements.

Font and packaging design

Packaging color is not only limited. It is considering the design and writing font on the packaging is also included in the same category.

You can view the appropriate product design and packaging according to the information you have obtained above. The product’s character and purpose help you use an ideal scenario and the right font in the packaging.

brand color

You must consider your brand’s color before choosing the packaging color. It is necessary to pay attention to the brand’s hue to view the product packaging’s color. This issue can include using the brand color in a part of the packaging or making it match the primary brand color.

Help from an expert

Choosing packaging color is a critical and sensitive issue. As an employer, you can only specify ideas, opinions and the purpose of producing products. The rest of the cases are better to be decided by experts.

In this regard, specialists receive comprehensive information from the employer and consider the appropriate design according to their technical information on packaging color.

Simplicity and minimalism in packaging color

As we mentioned above, the audience is looking for simplicity. The complexity of packaging color needs to be clarified among customers. So, it is better to use minimal options in choosing the design. Consider 2 to 3 colors.

Test different options

Naturally, it is not possible that the first choice of packaging color will be your last choice. Therefore, it is necessary to use different options in this direction, analyze the market and the audience’s reaction, and then choose the best option for your products by trial and error. This issue is not a one-day or one-month action but requires a lot of research and investigation.

Call out the emotions with packaging color

Paying attention to the audience’s emotions in choosing the product packaging color is one of the things that can help you in this direction. Up to this point, you have considered all the specialized and logical options.

Now, it is necessary to pay attention to the audience’s emotions and even the feelings the products are supposed to convey. Focusing on these issues can make you successful in choosing the packaging color.

Call out the emotions
Call out the emotions

Search for competitor products

We mentioned above that in this direction, and it is necessary to identify the market and competitors. Now it is required to check the various products of the competitors one by one and determine the reason for choosing the packaging color for you and your team.

This way, you will get helpful information to help you consider the best and most special packaging color for your products.

Material colors

One of the influential elements in choosing the right packaging color for products is paying attention to the material’s color. For example, the harmony of the product material with the color of the packaging makes it more attractive.

The raw materials of products is also effective. Focusing on this topic conveys engaging and compelling messages to the audience.

Choosing the palette of your product packaging

Color is one of the most important and influential elements for branding. Colors can create positive and negative emotions in the audience before they have any information about the brand and products.

When customers enter the store, it only takes a few seconds to choose a product among the products on the shelves; This choice is solely due to the visual appeal. Customers’ minds get ideas about product quality based on design and appearance.

So, choosing a color palette is very important in product introduction. Packaging design companies help you to consider a color palette and an ideal design for your product.

Also, the color palettes convey a promising visual image and brand message and add value to customers. It catalyze your brand because many people buy based on packaging color alone.

Choosing the ideal color palette for advertising and marketing needs to be studied to ensure that the color actively expresses the brand’s and product’s goals and reflects its true identity.

As a successful organization, you must create a strong emotional connection with your audience, which will influence their decision and thinking about the brand and purchasing products.

When choosing a color palette, you must convey the brand’s personality, its purpose and presenting products to customers.

For example, a brand that focuses on environmental issues and packaging innovation can use green to represent harmony and peace. Failure to pay attention to these measures will only cause a lack of clarity in the audience’s mind and ultimately lead to loss.

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Choosing the color palette of your product packaging
Choosing the color palette of your product packaging

Choosing the tonnage and packaging combinations of your product

It would be best if you considered many options to choose the right tonnage and composition for Packaging color. Some essential elements were mentioned in the previous sections, but important things still affect the choice of packaging color.

For example, you should consider the color of the packaging in such a way that because of that choice, the products’ safety, quality and freshness will remain the same. Still, it should guarantee the security and quality of your products.

Consider the design and color of the product packaging in such a way that it preserves the product’s useful life, and the necessary information is well displayed on the packaging.

Packaging color should not be such that it is impossible to provide product information; it is also essential that the composition and tonnage of the packaging are considered in such a way that the information on the packaging is legible.

You have. Usually, small-sized packaging is very different from bulk packaging, so to choose the suitable composition and tonnage for product packaging, consider their volume and size.T

The composition and color tone of retail, food, bakery and medicine packaging is different, so it is necessary to pay attention to the industry and product details before choosing the packaging color.

The material of the products affects the choice of packaging color, so it is necessary to determine the material first and then consider the desired colors. For example, colors are displayed differently on glass, plastic, wood, paper, and cardboard, so it is necessary to identify these materials for packaging.

Psychology of packaging color

The psychology of colors is a significant but highly complex subject. Reports show that some organizations spend months choosing the product packaging color.

It is interesting to know that there is no solid option for selecting the color; only you can choose the proper one according to the information you have. We can say this:

“Colors say more than we might think.”

Therefore, choosing this important element for your brand and other such things requires a lot of research and thinking. Below are some of the common colors used in product packaging:


White is a symbol of peace, transparency, beauty and day. Many notable brands use white color in the packaging of their products. Of course, usually, white is not used alone and is combined with other colors.


Black is used in all kinds of unique and stylish brands. Black signifies being unique, attractive and modern. In this case, black is often seen next to white.


Blue is the color of peace, trust, intelligence and logic. The sky and the sea inspire the color blue. Also, many prominent companies have used blue color for their brand logo because they have been able to gain the trust of their audience.

Psychology of packaging color
Psychology of packaging color


Red represents passion, excitement, warmth and general power. Red is used for fun and entertainment. Some famous global brands, such as McDonald’s, Disney and Netflix, have used red color in their logo and product packaging.


Green is a sign of peace, balance, stability and harmony. We can say that Green is connected with Earth. It use for companies that care more about the environment than others. Starbucks and Lacoste are among the brands that have used this color.


Orange, like red, is a sign of happiness, excitement and warmth. Some brands use orange to show excitement and pleasure; Compared to red, this color has less heat and is in the position of moderation.


Yellow represents a lot of emotions and happiness. Using yellow may have risks, but many brands use it for their campaigns. McDonald’s is one of the brands that like yellow color.


Turquoise is one of the unique colors that not all brands use. Turquoise, like blue, brings peace. You can use it base on product type and brand’s purpose.


If you are looking for excitement, companionship and trust, Purple is the right color. Using this color, you have considered a unique and exclusive version of your products. Of course, combining Purple with other colors takes a bit of work.

Pink color

If you are looking for an attractive girly symbol that attracts almost all ages, pink color is the one. You will launch an exclusive version by using pink color and combining it with girly colors.

Packaging color based on industry

Colors are an integral part of introducing products in various industries. Every industry uses different colors according to the type of products, customers and goals of its brand.

This is because research shows that 85% of customers buy products based on color; This has made this subject for product packaging become one of the essential elements of sales, marketing and branding.

If you pay attention to packaging color in different sectors, you will notice the differences. In the following, we introduce some industries and their approach to this issue:

Foods and drinks

As you know, the choice of packaging color is crucial for Foods and drinks. The food industry should use colors for the packaging of their products that increase the customers’ appetite and their desire to buy and consume these types of products more than before.


In the cosmetic sector, it is essential to attract trust, calmness and harmony with the product’s color. People looking to buy cosmetics should know the exact color of the products inside the boxes and choose them according to the quality and color of the packaging.

Typically, cosmetic packaging uses pink and blue colors.

Packaging color based on industry
Packaging color based on industry


In the retail industry, it is essential to pay attention to this, because customers only pay attention to the color of the packaging on the store shelves. It is necessary to choose that of retail products to attract customers and use your brand products among the wide variety of products.

For example, the packaging of the detergent product was orange, and the color is considered part of the brand identity.


Electronic packaging is critical because its color and material should be such that the contents inside the packaging can be seen easily. Usually, in this industry, they use bright and white packaging to be seen more easily and gain the audience’s trust.

Also, electronic packaging should be considered in a way that shows the safety of the products. For example, Apple uses white packaging.


Before any action, remember that to choose the packaging color of the products, you must consider the customers and target audience. You can focus on your marketing, sales and branding in the following steps. Be sure to monitor the activities of your competitors.

Definitely, the review and analysis of Packaging color among competitors will help you to consider unique and exclusive result for your products. Negotiate with your team of experts and get help from test samples.

In the following steps, it is necessary to analyze the audience’s reactions. Remember that choosing packaging color is not a tiny and straightforward matter, so you must spend much time on this task.

Analyze all the desired options and finally launch the option that reflects the purpose of your brand and products. This action of yours will lead to success in sales and marketing.

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