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Leonardo AI Streamlines Workflow with Transparent PNG Generation

Leonardo AI, a leading platform for AI-powered image creation, has unveiled a game-changing feature: Transparency. This innovative update eliminates the tedious process of manually removing backgrounds from AI-generated images, resulting in clean, composition-ready assets.

Traditionally, achieving transparent images involved generating the artwork with a background and then meticulously removing it using additional software. While manageable for digital creatives (Apple’s Preview app even offers a “Remove Background” feature on Macs), this step can be time-consuming and potentially damage object edges. This risk is particularly high for AI-generated works, where artifacts or noise might appear in the corners.

Leonardo AI ‘s new feature solves these issues by directly generating dreamlike PNGs with transparent backgrounds. The resulting images are perfectly suited for seamless integration into design projects and video compositions.

But the benefits extend beyond simple background removal. The “Transparency” feature utilizes “true native transparent image diffusion,” allowing the AI to produce graphics with varying levels of transparency and exceptionally clean edges. This is a boon for creating objects with soft borders, like fluffy clouds, delicate glass, or wispy hair – all directly rendered in PNG format.

Utilizing this feature is incredibly intuitive. Users simply navigate to the “Image Generation” section on the Leonardo AI platform and activate the new “Transparency” toggle. Entering a descriptive prompt and selecting a model like Kino XL, Vision XL, or AlbedoBase XL will generate transparent-background images tailored to their specific needs.

This newfound ease empowers creators to effortlessly generate transparent characters, icons, and textures, allowing for seamless layering and enhanced creative freedom within their projects.