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Coca-Cola Modifies Iconic Logo to Advocate for Recycling

Demonstrating a willingness to adapt its iconic branding for a significant cause, The Coca-Cola Company has launched the “Recycle Me” campaign. This initiative, spearheaded by WPP Open X in collaboration with Ogilvy New York and Ogilvy PR, leverages a creative visual strategy.

The campaign uses a modified version of the company’s recognizable logo, visually emphasizing the importance of recycling for consumers.

To achieve the campaign’s visual impact, the creative team employed a variety of techniques. These included the usage of mechanical presses and vacuums to physically deform real Coca-Cola cans. By meticulously capturing these unique distortions, the team generated a series of one-of-a-kind logos.

A Visual Depiction of Consumer Action in Sustainability Efforts

Each logo visually reflects the various methods consumers use to crush their beverage containers. A documentary chronicling this creative process is scheduled for release later this month.

The campaign leverages out-of-home advertisements and social media platforms to showcase a visually transformed Coca-Cola logo. The iconic wordmark appears contorted and crumpled, mimicking the physical state of a beverage container that has undergone the recycling process.

Coca-Cola Supporting Recycling
Coca-Cola Supporting Recycling

This serves as a clever and attention-grabbing reminder, emphasizing the individual consumer’s responsibility in promoting sustainable practices.

A Campaign Supporting Coca-Cola’s “World Without Waste” Initiative

This campaign activation aligns strategically with The Coca-Cola Company’s “World Without Waste” initiative. This comprehensive sustainability program pursues the ambitious goal of achieving 100% recyclability for all its packaging by 2025.

Furthermore, the company strives for a one-to-one collection and recycling rate by 2030, signifying the collection and recycling of a beverage container for every one sold.

“This campaign leverages a powerful call to action by symbolically ‘crushing’ the world’s most recognizable logo,” observes Guillermo Vega, Global Creative Network Lead at Ogilvy. “Coca-Cola’s logo, visually distorted like a crushed can, promotes consumer recycling awareness.

It is a distinct privilege to collaborate with The Coca-Cola Company, and I express my sincere gratitude to our courageous partners for supporting our endeavor to push the design boundaries of such an iconic brand in service of this critical initiative.”