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3ds Max 2025.1

Autodesk Reveals 3ds Max 2025.1

Autodesk has officially released the online documentation detailing the new enhancements present in 3ds Max 2025.1.

Among the notable additions is the introduction of a new Turbulent Color Noise OSL shader. Other key improvements revolve around refining the functionality of the Array and Boolean modifiers, as well as enhancing the efficiency of skin weight painting processes.

While no official announcement regarding the product’s release timeline has been made by Autodesk at present, the availability of updated online documentation typically indicates that the launch is imminent.

Enhancements to the Boolean and Array Modifiers in 3D Modeling and Layout

In procedural modeling, Autodesk has enhanced the Boolean modifier with various workflow improvements pertaining to volume meshing.

3ds Max 2025.1
the Boolean and Array Modifiers in 3D Modeling

One notable advancement is the introduction of keyboard shortcuts for efficiently managing the sensitivity of the Voxel Size spinner arrows. Additionally, Autodesk has introduced the capability to swiftly terminate volume meshing operations through a simple keystroke with the use of the [Esc] key.

Furthermore, the Array modifier, a tool employed for generating three-dimensional arrays of objects, has undergone significant enhancements. It now boasts the ability to animate random number seeds, facilitating dynamic transformations. Moreover, the modifier now operates with increased efficiency, offering processing speeds that are reported to be up to 250% faster than before.

Enhancements in 3ds Max’s Latest Update

Notable improvements have been introduced to the OSL toolset alongside a novel Turbulent Color Noise shader. Autodesk has designed this new shader to replicate natural occurrences such as oil films or to craft more intricate rainbow effects. Moreover, character artists will now experience increased precision in manipulating skin weights through the addition of new parameters for Paint Weights in the Skin Modifier.

Character rigging: more control over skin weights

Of particular significance is the refinement in the adjustment of painting strength for skin weights. This improvement addresses previous feedback regarding the sensitivity of using [Shift] + [Alt], which was deemed to be overly reactive. As a result of this enhancement, artists now have greater ease and control in managing this aspect of their workflow.

The recent updates in the integration plugins for Autodesk’s Arnold renderer and Substance materials bring forth significant improvements. MAXtoA, for instance, now activates OIDN denoising in Arnold by default, introduces snapshot functionality to the Arnold RenderView, and allows dockability of the RenderView. Furthermore, it aligns with the latest features of Arnold 7.3.1.

Moreover, Substance for 3ds Max 3.0 incorporates support for the Substance 3D Connector, Adobe’s new open-source platform designed for seamless data transfer across different DCC applications.

Pricing and system requirements

3ds Max is compatible with Windows 10 and above and is available exclusively through rental plans.