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Adobe Unveils Substance 3D Painter Version 10.0

Adobe has recently unveiled Substance 3D Painter Version 10.0, the latest major iteration of their 3D texture painting software. Notable enhancements include the addition of a new Text resource, streamlining text-related tasks within the software.

Additionally, users now have the capability to import vector graphics in .ai format directly from Adobe Illustrator. Workflow improvements have been made to painting normal maps and the transform manipulators, enhancing overall efficiency.

Furthermore, Substance 3D Painter now allows users to explore the Substance 3D Assets library from within the application. It’s worth noting that the price of the Steam edition has increased by $50 since the previous release.

Enhanced Workflow for Adding Text to Textures with the New Text Resource

In Substance 3D Painter 10.0, the standout feature is the Text resource, which significantly streamlines the workflow for handling text. Notably, fonts can now be directly imported, eliminating the need to create a .sbsar file with embedded fonts (a process previously reliant on Substance 3D Designer).

Users can conveniently browse fonts within the Assets window and apply them directly to 3D models as Fill projections. Furthermore, text positioning, size adjustments, color modifications, alignment, and spacing can all be fine-tuned from the projection settings. Additionally, fonts can serve as brushes or be utilized as input in Substance filters.

Utilizing SVG Format in Adobe Illustrator: Importing Vector Graphics and SVG Files

Designers and visualization professionals have the capability to import vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator’s .ai format. The workflow for this feature closely mirrors the existing SVG import process, with an additional option to choose between artboards within a .ai file.

Enhancements and Refinements for Normal Map Painting and Transform Manipulators

The recent update addresses several longstanding issues related to normal map painting and the transform manipulators.

Regarding normal maps, repetitive painting over an area in the normal channel no longer results in artifacts. Additionally, undoing a brush stroke no longer disrupts previous strokes, and brush stamps with alpha now display correctly even when the alpha value is zero.

As for the transform manipulators, dragging decals on a surface is now more stable. The scale intensity is determined by the object’s scale rather than the scene size. Furthermore, users can now hold [Ctrl] while dragging on a manipulator to enter precision mode, allowing for more accurate content positioning.

Introducing the New Substance 3D Assets Window and Python Scripting Improvements

Additional enhancements include the introduction of a new Substance 3D Assets window, which allows users to directly access the online Substance 3D Assets library within Painter.

Furthermore, the Python API now features a new layer stack module, which is described as ‘opening the door to advanced layer stack plugins.’ Additionally, there is an ongoing development of a color management module.

Pricing and System Requirements

Substance 3D Painter 10.0 is now accessible on Windows 10+, CentOS 7.0/Ubuntu 20.04+ Linux, and macOS 11.0+. Perpetual licenses can be obtained through Steam at a price of $199.99, which represents a $50 increase compared to Substance 3D Painter 9.1.

Additionally, the software is available via Adobe’s Substance 3D subscriptions. For those interested in Substance 3D Texturing, subscriptions are priced at $19.99 per month or $219.88 per year, while Substance 3D Collection subscriptions are available for $49.99 per month or $549.88 per year.