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Restaurant visual identity
Restaurant visual identity

A Unique Design For An Elegant Restaurant

Umbra is a design studio located in Western Ukraine. Its designers believe that to gain success and design a memorable visual identity one needs passion, a creative style for the logo, and enough experience. The previous activities of this restaurant reveal that another key factor leading to succes in this business is the age factor.

A well-designed visual identity can help a restaurant stand out in a competitive market. Besides that providing high quality services and meeting the customer’s expectations for the customers should be the main purpose of any restaurant.

This studio has more than six years of experience in the fields of interior design, graphic design, branding, and visual identity. This project has been done by Umbra studio in collaboration with Savytskyy architectural studio. This pattern was designed based on the indigenous and ancient symbols of the region for a famous restaurant in Ukraine that serves meat dishes.

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